What's missing? (Loneliness strikes in the middle of the night...)

I'm a people junkie.

I admit that I have a problem.

I need regular conversations with intelligent individuals with wide-ranging interests to be happy. The problem is that I don't really have regular conversations with anyone any more.

This may seem strange, but the thing I miss most about being with Natasha is just having someone to call every night to chat about life, the universe, and everything. Even when we weren't going out, but she'd come over every week for dinner, I had someone to talk to.

Part of the problem is that I work alone. Single people who go to an office every day will find friends that they go to lunch with, or with whom they hang out during coffee breaks, and they'll get their conversational fix that way. I rather enjoyed working with Eric back at VRTelecom because he fed my habit. We would talk for hours about whatever came to mind.

Nadia, Denise, Dan, Lucy and Kim back in University were the same. Alexei too, before he left. People interested in everything, willing to spend days discussing anything. Too bad I lost contact with all of them.

These days I only see my friends maybe once every month or two (if that), instead of two or three times a week (back when both Dave and I would have everyone over each week). Nothing like enough to keep the monster at bay. I need regularity, some pattern of presence that reassures the heart that there are people out there interested in my thoughts. I need to find a more reliable dealer for this particular drug.

Anyway, enough of this morose junk. File it under "things to get done once we've sold a few dozen units of Cinemon" and get back to work.


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