Breaching leads to madness (Gentoo dives back into the insanity)

Left Gentoo last night compiling xorg-x11 (the base windowing system for Linux machines). About 5 in the morning I wake up to find that the dratted thing has stopped with exactly the same errors-in-gcc's-linker that the wipe-and-recreate were supposed to fix.

Tried to boot back into Windows, and it was giving blue-screens-of-death every time. Pulled the heat-sink to re-seat it, spent a very tense couple of minutes wondering if the CPU had fried itself, then remembered that just prior to rebooting I'd re-installed the Soyo motherboard drivers in the hopes that they might let the CD-R work at > 1x speed when recording.

Sure enough, a simple "use last known good configuration" selection and Windows was back up and running happily.

I guess I should be filing a bug for the Gentoo compile failures, but with whom? AMD? GCC? Soyo? Gentoo? I'm beginning to suspect it's just a conflict where some piece of software is directly querying to see what type of processor is available and screwing up as a result. Gentoo, for some reason, rebuild both GCC and GLibC to try to build xorg-x11, which seems somewhat silly (and likely to have caused the problem to re-appear). Anyway, back in windows for today, I'll just have to keep using Tim's machine for the Unix-porting work.


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