Breaching seems to have worked (finally) (AMD64 seems to be the ticket (GRP helps too))

So, after this evening's "real" work, I decided once again to try to install Gentoo, but this time I went whole-hog and built with the actual 64-bit architecture (which is far less extensively tested than the 32-bit version). Also decided to use the Gentoo reference platform (GRP) to get the bulk of the compiling done for me.

As of right now, I've got Gentoo, Postgresql, and KDE up and running, and seem to be able to compile new programs without running into the annoying linking errors. Still, quite a bit more work to do before the environment is usable, but at least I can do port-testing in it now.

Haven't got the Tablet running yet. Likely need to hack around in xorg.conf to make that work. Anyway, tomorrow is the long-awaited games-day, so I'm going to head to bed and let the computer compile Mozilla overnight.


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