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Any little excuse to discuss philosophy (Garn I'm getting predictable in my old age...)

Just got off the phone with Natasha. She's working on a document (while sick, no less) describing aspects of consciousness in Victorian literature. Neat thing is, it mirrors the debate about whether one can know another's consciousness save through the reports of that individual about their consciousness (and the rebuttal that even when you look ...

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Tad frustrated with the (lack of) documentation (I mean, I can't even find a single instance of using "sequences" in Nevow!)

By now I'm somewhat accustomed to the... shall we say "meagre" documentation available for Twisted, but this instance is just weirdly under-documented. Normally there's at least one piece of sample code that uses a feature, but I can't find anything that uses the Nevow "sequence" feature. The idea is something like this:

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