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"To do no real work" (Is actually a pretty hard resolution to keep...)

I decided after work on Friday to do no "real" (i.e. needed) work this weekend. So far the 3D Software Collection has absorbed just about every dram of time for the weekend. Mostly just in tracking down projects, checking licenses, tweaking the display format, that kind of thing. I had to stop myself a couple ...

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Parnassus, but just for 3D Projects (My day in cgi-land...)

Using Python for 3D programming is actually a fairly common thing, but it's difficult to see that if you don't have a collection of projects somewhere that you can browse.

I put together a partial list after the last PyCon, but it was on a Wiki I didn't control, and it just wound up turning ...

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Pernicious Influence of Python (Still can't sleep...)

As expected back when we were solving the Pernicious Influence of Puzzles, writing a script to generate all permutations of a word from a given word-list was a pretty trivial endeavour. Applied to our TRANSIT challenge the computer came up with a few we missed...

The ones I feel bad about:
taint ...

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Oh, about SIP (Project shrinks as one realises how much is already written...)

For the SIP project, discovered that Shtoom is, in fact, a user-level client... in other words, a Soft Phone. We need far less code than that for our project, in fact, it's all available from core Twisted.

Did a spike test creating a Proxy/Registration-server and a client to log into it in about 30 lines ...

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Tracking down sample-code for PyOpenGL (Documentation enhancements take a long time...)

One of the things I do to try to make PyOpenGL newbie friendly is providing sample code links directly from the PyOpenGL man pages to files from various projects which use the discussed function/constant.

This has proved very successful... so much so that we almost never get questions regarding how to use any given function/parameter. ...

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Where did the week go? (Feels like Wednesday, but it's Friday morning...)

Wound up unable to get to sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning. Then was woken up at 10 or so. Have been largely non-functional all day as a result. Began implementing the performance changes. The storage, calculation and retrieval is all working... now I just need to get it hooked back up to ...

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Amazing what a difference having someone *like* the project makes (Trying to sleep for 5 hours now and just keep popping up to write down new ideas...)

From ways to implement new features to what looks like it will be a huge improvement on memory usage and query speed... I just can't seem to stop thinking... which in a way is bad, because I'm not on the clock here. Oh well :) .

Can't really explain the major new feature (the others ...

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Review goes very well (Dan seems to like it...)

Started out a little rocky (Vince's IE was set such that it disallowed the SVG viewer), but Dan seemed to be very impressed with the product and its potential. I spent the time between and around the conference calls working on icons (still not happy with the one for optical nodes).

Management meeting in a ...

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Think I may have discovered a serious performance flaw (Formatting ignored error message in a very tight speed-critical loop)

When I raise error messages I default to being verbose, I'll tend to format the error in such a way that even if it were to show up where a user could see it, it would be somewhat intelligible (or so I tell myself).

However, the SNMP storage mechanism is doing this type of reporting ...

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When you know the app is CPU and memory starved... (Don't add extremely heavy processes to the box and head out to a meeting...)

Came back from the meeting to find hundreds of processes running on cmon, with complete memory exhaustion and hundreds of alert messages in my inbox. I'd decided earlier in the day to try running both the old (heavy) scanner and the demo scanner at the same time... stupid of me.

The load-levels were in the ...

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