Pair programming twice in one day! (Weird...)

Wound up doing a code review (I know, not really pair programming) for D'Arcy and then some actual pair programming with Tim this evening. Tim was trying to use BasicProperty's data-value checking for doing web-form validation and was rather frustrated with it.

No reason it couldn't work, it's just that the generality of BasicProperty would have meant taking days just to get it all written in a way that would handle all the corner cases properly. Probably overkill for this task.

Anyway, one of the things Tim was wanting was to be able to define boundary conditions. So, after he left I spent a few hours re-introducing the boundary API for BasicProperty. Almost everything that changed was cosmetic. Strangely enough, there were actually unit-tests for the whole boundary module. They were even passing, they just didn't have any code that was checking that the boundaries worked when added to a property.

Anyway, tomorrow is another SIP day. Need to get the client-side code integrated into the server first thing. After that should probably look at making sure it runs with MySQL. Will have to actually look at the todo list to decide what's after that.


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