Oh, yes, the games (Instant Karma gets her...)

Didn't wind up having Natasha or Lara come over to grams' place with me, so it was a one-on-one tournament. Of course, grams wound up bragging to all and sundry about how she was going to beat me, so the universe decided to teach her a lesson.

Final score was 4 games to 1 (for me), with only the last game being close at all (only the black was left on the table for the last shot). In two other games I wound up having to sink her balls just to make sure she couldn't snooker me on the 8 ball (she still had 7 balls up when I was sinking my second-to-last in one game).

Freaky thing was, I was playing horribly, and from a gaming standpoint I really sort of deserved to lose. I had way too much caf'd coffee at lunch, so my cue was moving a good cm side to side as I tried to shoot. I was missing shots that were basically sitting in the pocket because I couldn't make a straight shot to save my life.


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