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Primary purpose of a blog... (Social awkwardness or feelings of guilt?)

Rosey got a brief call from Golnar (trying to buy Rosey's car), so I got to talk to her (on a cell phone, of all devices (I seldom use them, not having one)). Turns out that she was feeling guilty for having read parts of my blog (I assume not the whole 9 months of ...

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Solstice dinner goes fairly well (Mole and curry and doughnuts! Oh my!)

Had 6 people over for the annual Solstice dinner. Much of the evening was spent answering questions from "The Question Book", so I'm sure everyone learned far more about one another than they really wanted to know :) .

Simon brought his former gf, Lia. Too bad Natasha didn't come, the two of them would, ...

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