Primary purpose of a blog... (Social awkwardness or feelings of guilt?)

Rosey got a brief call from Golnar (trying to buy Rosey's car), so I got to talk to her (on a cell phone, of all devices (I seldom use them, not having one)). Turns out that she was feeling guilty for having read parts of my blog (I assume not the whole 9 months of it).

Which brings up that age-old question, is the primary purpose of a blog to engender those moments in a conversation where you realise that everything you have to say has already been said on your blog, and everyone's waiting for something new to show up in the face-to-face conversation, or is it to make random pretty girls feel guilty for their voyeuristic tendencies (thus rendering them susceptible to blackmail and extortion)?

Of course, old bloggers eventually realise that they have to hold back some material for real-life conversations... then they realise they can leave off entire swaths of their fields of interest so they can survive more than a 5 minute conversation... and eventually their blogs become single-topic newsletters... and who reads those any more? So I guess that means the whole purpose of blogging is to entrap pretty women.

Mystery solved. Guess they're worthwhile after all. Suppose I'll keep mine.


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