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April 26, 2004 - May 2, 2004

Using a semen extractor for a woman? (Science shows are weird sometimes...)

A few days ago I saw a science show that was explaining that morphologically, a woman's "g-spot" is the same component of the reproductive system as a man's prostate. Same program mentioned female ejaculation (in which a clear fluid is expelled from a woman's eurethra during (certain types of) orgasm), but didn't draw what seems ...

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Much more impressive when you can load files from GUI (Presentation is 99% of the problem)

I've cobbled a GLUT VRML view that lets you view any of the included .wrl files, or a set of .wrl files from around the net with a simple click. Unfortunately, most of the previously-present VRML97 files are now gone. has moved VRML97 to "legacy" status and dropped the annotated spec (which had some ...

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Ah, that's elegant (I flatter myself...)

So, in preparation for a 1.0 release of OpenGLContext I figure I should have the VRML viewer demos/tests work like a normal application and allow for selecting the file to load rather than requiring a command-line invocation. I spent a few hours working on some refactoring and then sat down to look at how to ...

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Whether 'tis better to update what I don't use (Or play with what I'm interested in...)

First 8 hours of the day basically a complete waste. Woken up way too early by my mother, and then my sister, both of whom so know better, calling at 9 am! Unable to continue sleeping, I went shopping then came home to nap... but the jerky neighbours upstairs are in playing music way too ...

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Plone tutorials for all (What every good little boy or girl wants...)

Raphael Ritz has posted a tutorial he wrote giving a guided tour of a fairly involved sample product for Plone. This is a far more involved product (and thus tutorial) than is seen in the Archetypes developer's guide or the Plone Book's chapter on customisation. It feels very similar to this "howto" from ...

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A TwistedSNMP User! (But it's Tim, so not really an external user)

Tim's now using TwistedSNMP for another project, so finally getting some exercising outside of Cinemon. Have a few more hours before the PyGTA meeting. Probably spend it doing more Plone-docs work. Also need to see how much documenting is needed for the Archetypes Extension Types.

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