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Using a semen extractor for a woman? (Science shows are weird sometimes...)

A few days ago I saw a science show that was explaining that morphologically, a woman's "g-spot" is the same component of the reproductive system as a man's prostate. Same program mentioned female ejaculation (in which a clear fluid is expelled from a woman's eurethra during (certain types of) orgasm), but didn't draw what seems ...

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Much more impressive when you can load files from GUI (Presentation is 99% of the problem)

I've cobbled a GLUT VRML view that lets you view any of the included .wrl files, or a set of .wrl files from around the net with a simple click. Unfortunately, most of the previously-present VRML97 files are now gone. has moved VRML97 to "legacy" status and dropped the annotated spec (which had some ...

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