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Nov. 1, 2004 - Nov. 7, 2004

Apparatus for allowing transfer of electrical equipment without service interruption (An idea for those inventors out there who like such things...)

The apparatus described here is intended to allow you to transfer, for instance, a server computer from one electrical connection to another without interrupting power to the machine. The apparatus consists of a flexible set of prongs arranged in such a way that they can slide between a North American-style power plug and socket (from ...

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Should have looked at Shtoom (He realises too late in the evening to do it...)

Just realised that Shtoom will have the authentication mechanism already written (somewhere), since it acts as a client to normal (authenticating) servers. Should have just wandered over there and pulled out the authentication-generation code.

I've developed a bit of a blind spot there I guess, wanting to avoid learning a large package while on a ...

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Sigh, looks like the collapse is coming... (Myopic, spendthrift policies to continue south of the border)

It's interesting talking with people who are watching the US slide deeper and deeper into unsustainable debt while ticking off just about everyone else in the world. There's talk of massive recession, complete devaluation of the dollar, and basically a collapse of what passes for society down there.

The problem, of course, is that as ...

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SIP the cool-aide (Little things are so irritating...)

"So," figures I, "really should have at least some user authentication in the SIP server." Little did I realise that the Twisted code, while it supports authentication quite simply on the server, doesn't seem to have any code on the client side.

That is, the server can handle a client that knows how to authenticate, ...

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Should have spent a day or two just familiarising myself with SIP (But oh well, that's life...)

AFAICT, the SIP protocol has no agreed upon conventions for registering display-names or other meta-data. That is, while you can attach display-names to just about every URI, there's nothing stating which URI's display name should be considered canonical when parsing a registration request. For now I'm assuming I should display the contact field's display name. ...

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Dratted consumer-level software (Trying to be helpful wastes 1.5 hours of my time...)

Have discovered why it is that the dratted x-lite refuses to log in to my registration server despite the fact that clients written in Twisted work perfectly well. x-lite automatically searches for and finds the NAT firewall, then configures it's return address as the address of the firewall. Result is that the registration server responds ...

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