Should have gone shopping this week (New camera was supposed to be picked up during boxing-week sales...)

I'm planning on giving my camera to Shane when I buy a replacement I can actually use. Was intending to get out this week to buy it, but instead I wound up spending the entire time working.

Shane reminded me about it again last night and suggested I try Shopper's drug mart, as they are apparently giving 20x the bonus points, which (apparently) means approximately 1/2 the purchase price of a big item is given back in usable points.

Anyway, it's almost 3pm, if I'm going to go shopping I had better get the day started!

[Later] Hmm, turns out Shoppers only sells (or at least only advertises selling) disposable cameras. I'm looking to buy a Canon Powershot A75 (or A85 if there's a good enough deal). Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any noticable deals on either of them :( .


  1. x

    x on 01/03/2005 12:34 p.m. #

    They do sell some digitals. Not a huge selection, but I've seen Kodaks and some model or other of Fuji. Don't recall seeing Canon there (at the one on St Clair). Not sure what the "points" scheme at Shoppers is either. Usually those points things work out out about 1%? Better than nothing, of course... but almost certainly you could do better elsewhere for price. I'd check Henry's or Canada Computers for prices. But also Futureshop and the like have a lot of sales these days...

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 01/03/2005 3:19 p.m. #

    Large corporations should really keep their web-sites at least *somewhat* up-to-date. I dropped into the Shopper's next to gram's on the way home yesterday. Prices were pretty high for what looked like rather cheapish cameras. From what Shane was saying it was only with the 20x points that 1/2 the price was returned (and that promo ended Saturday)... oh well, no big loss.<br />
    <br />
    But now it's the week and I really don't have time to go shopping again... for that matter, I should probably look at buying some *food* before I worry about a camera :) . Should replace the noisy muffin fan in my computer while I'm at it (probably a big part of why I'm finding the computer so annoying these days).

  3. x

    x on 01/04/2005 10:43 p.m. #

    Fan, fan. I too need fan(s). I need a cpu fan and case fan. The old AMD is sooooo hot. Wondering if my power supply fan is working at all. Wondering about this wacky zalman fan... claims to be quiet. Claims you can mount it anywhere (that's the wacky part) and it works... wondering if i mounted a few of them inside the case in strategic positions to move the air it would actually work... <br />
    <br />;code=<br />
    <br />
    $10 at canada computers.<br />

  4. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 01/04/2005 11:02 p.m. #

    Only place I've seen one mounted is directly over a big heat-sink on the processor. The review said it worked fairly well but was less efficient than the more traditional ones (IIRC).<br />
    <br />
    Just mounting the fan anywhere at all in the case might help stir things up, but venting in/out is probably more important. My fan problem is just with the intake fan at the front of the case AFAIK, so a cheapy muffin fan should be fine.

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