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Lots of rewriting to make this work (Pointer handling is pretty deep in the system...)

Making the pointer handling code simpler is proving rather involved. PyOpenGL is written (not by me, this is all Tarn's code) as a set of macros that expand 4 or 5 levels deep even before it gets to SWIG, which is essentially an interlocking set of macro expansions. The problem is that the pointer-handling basically ...

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Should have gone shopping this week (New camera was supposed to be picked up during boxing-week sales...)

I'm planning on giving my camera to Shane when I buy a replacement I can actually use. Was intending to get out this week to buy it, but instead I wound up spending the entire time working.

Shane reminded me about it again last night and suggested I try Shopper's drug mart, as they are ...

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Last minute invite (But not that *kind* of bed party, darn it...)

Was just sitting down to start work on PyOpenGL when Shane and Simon called from Lua's party asking me to bring along my Cranium game. So, toddled down to her place (she lives about 4 blocks away) and spent the evening playing Cranium (well, we didn't even finish a single game) then sitting around discussing ...

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