No sleep for the over-stimulated (Maybe I shouldn't think about work before bed...)

Made the mistake of running over everything I want to get done tomorrow as I was trying to get to sleep. 2.5 hours later, can't sleep, as I'm still spinning ideas... not even really ideas, just priorities mostly, which items need to be in the 1.0 release, how to get everyone on the same page wrt getting the release out the door, whether having the Terayon proprietary stuff is a critical need or a nice-to-have... that kind of stuff.

I feel like jumping out of bed and just doing something huge for the project (re-implementing the data-archiving, or the Terayon scanner), but my eyes and hands are not going to love me in the morning if I do that (even this blogging is a bit painful).

Then, every once in a while "life" concerns pop in and I wonder why I'm doing any of this if Bryan and Walter aren't really interested in the project any more and it's all going to disappear in a cloud of wasted investment.

Which makes me want to get up and work on rewriting my thesis, since at least that has a chance of moving me forward in my life, but again, I have to work in the morning. I might even wind up spending the whole day with my head cocked to the side holding a phone again, and boy do I need sleep if that happens (should buy a hands-free set one of these days).

Maybe I'll just blog.


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