More thoughts on OpenGLContext (Or, I don't think I'm going to sleep, so may as well blog...)

Need to decide what I'm going to do about making an end-programmer-friendly UI system available. Do I go with something like PyUI, which is entirely within the OpenGL window? or do I try to make some cross-GUI-system minimal subset for 3D-oriented code? or do I write individual tools for use with a single GUI library (e.g. wxPython or PyGame) and just require that library to use them?

All depends on what I'm trying to do, I suppose... which requires considering what the eventual fate of the library should be; whether it's just a testing/demonstration/sample-code project, or whether I want to go ahead and create real apps with it.

I'd love to have time to write Virtual Bonsai, and Collaborative Virtual Building Blocks... but realistically I barely seem to have time (particularly time when my body is willing to let me sit at a computer) to keep the core libraries up to date. Still, having real apps tends to make the development progress so much faster... ach.

Maybe I should just focus on doing design work. My portfolio really needs to get updated and expanded. My time at VRTelecom didn't produce much for it, and the stuff from before that is beginning to look a little long in the tooth (heck, most of it was rendered with 3DS4 and AutoCAD+Accurender, I don't think you can even buy 3DS4 or Accurender any more).

Maybe I'll try drawing for an hour. That should be fairly quiet (the ladies aren't asleep yet; I gather they're whispering to each other, as Erin broke out in (rather loud) laughter a few seconds ago).


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