Toys are fun! (Finally get around to buying the camera...)

As regular readers (all four of you) will know, I've been intending to buy a new digital camera to replace the one for which I traded my scanner (sight-unseen) many months ago. So, today I finally made the time to go down to College Street and pick one up.

As intended, I bought the Powershot A75 (same as Tim's). It came in just under my maximum $400CDN budget (including a 512MB flash card). So far the only pictures I've taken are of Rosey (who complains that she should have been allowed to put on makeup and get dressed first), but the quality is so far beyond that of the old camera that I'm fairly satisfied.

Haven't yet got the hang of getting it to snap the image immediately. Too often there's a noticable pause as it tries to focus and light-meter and I lose the shot I was trying to capture. I guess I'm one of those "fix it in post" directors...


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