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Naps and plans (The weekend completes its disappearing act...)

Realised I was exhausted, so took a 6 or 7 hour nap somewhere in there. Now I'm considering getting an early start on the week.

Sometime soon now I should be getting the SIP-server project redesign spec, but Bryan wants me to see if I can get old-cmon running again. Sigh. I'm extremely tempted to ...

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Just scrape past her... (3 games to 2 and every one of them was close)

Grams was really on her game today, and honestly, I sucked. Came really close to losing every single game, took 4 or 5 shots to sink the black in all three games I won. At one point she had a 4 or 5 ball run. Took 111 pictures on the trip, almost all of them ...

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150 shots in around 9 hours (30 or 40 are usable)

Very pleasant evening tonight. Went to Sara's birthday party, which was populated by interesting, intelligent people who care about the world and the people in it. I wound up talking with quite a nice variety of people, from a bookseller and her (paper) game developer husband (he's given up hope that Americans can ever learn ...

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