Just scrape past her... (3 games to 2 and every one of them was close)

Grams was really on her game today, and honestly, I sucked. Came really close to losing every single game, took 4 or 5 shots to sink the black in all three games I won. At one point she had a 4 or 5 ball run. Took 111 pictures on the trip, almost all of them texture shots for 3D modelling. Will have to get a new hard disk at this rate!

The UPS apparently isn't just too sensitive to power fluctuations, it's given up the ghost. It was turning off the computer every 5 minutes or so this morning, so I plugged that directly into the surge suppressor. This afternoon it was resetting the monitor every couple of minutes, so I've just plugged everything into the suppressor and will have to do without a UPS for now (well, really, I've been doing without for a while now, given that the one I have doesn't work).


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