Another fascinating article from Shane (Apparently Fox News has decided to castigate this chap instead of dealing with the issues...)

You should probably read this series of letters and articles. Churchill's article is obviously intended to be inflamatory. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it's the only way to wake up the United States to the insanity of their foreign policy.

I doubt it will make a difference (especially given the Chancellor's spineless reaction (when did it become possible to become a University Chancellor without having the slightest respect for divergence of opinion and the free exploration of ideas?)) as the well-oiled PR machine that has America in its thrall will erase the idea from the collective consciousness. Mere opposition by someone with limited power to something that large and heavily entrenched simply destroys the opposition.

So why should you read it? Well, consider how well it dovetails with this interview and then ask yourself; "When did the news media just stop trying to get to the truth altogether and just decide to parrot back what the rich and powerful say?" I mean, shouldn't there be someone holding the politicos' collective feet to the fire (as Stewart asked when on Crossfire)? Heck, the whole political system seems to have become a shell game where those with wealth and power simply shuffle around their particular spheres of influence to keep the populace entertained.

The first change is to change your mind.


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