Substrate failures (Source-code control and patch both mess up my day's productivity...)

Today's work was all about migrating to the live server. As I've mentioned before, there are problems with the patch on the server that prevent me applying the diffs from the dev machine for PySNMP. After quite a long period fighting with patch I decided that I'd produce an internal "version" of the software, PySNMP 3.5.0, which has the major patches applied so that it uses callable constraints and efficient tuple-based OIDs.

At which point it became necessary to update the server. I only run (whereever possible) code on the server which is in CVS, it just avoids a lot of headaches that way. Problem is, the CVS server for the project is dead (has been since Sunday). We have a backup, but it's not set up as a live repository (and has the wrong name at the moment), so I have to wait for someone with permissions to move it and make it live.

Did some other work here and there while I'm blocked, but until I know how the new code works (which will now be the weekend, as it takes about a day to see how performance is affected), I don't know if we need more optimisation work or if I can move on to new features.


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