Blockage leads to learning (The wild and wacky worlds of VOIP and Web Services)

Wow, I'm really upping my buzzword-compliance today! Since we're still working on getting the Cinemon CVS repository online, I've been blocked on my primary project, so I figured I'd spend the day familiarising myself with the various tools we'll be using for the upcoming VOIP/Web Service project (starting Monday morning).

I'm just going to be the secondary on the project (D'Arcy's primary), but getting a feel for the scope and approach is a good thing if we're going to hit the ground running on Monday.

Ken was busy most of the day, so he's going to drop off the new equipment (CPU cooler and fans) tomorrow morning. Will be nice to not have this incessent whining next to my head as I try to sleep.

And once I was done the day's work, switched to doing some more writing for the PyCon paper. I rather like the way it's turning out. I've now covered the rationalisation of the function object itself and am starting into the expansion of the pattern into the descriptor API proper.

However, I have 3 or 4 people coming over to play Scrabble and Cranium in 2 hours, so I shall stop all this and start cooking. Mmm conversation and competition...


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