Ah, so this is why people want terabytes of storage (30hrs seems so restrictive when two people are sharing a PVR)

MythTV is basically set up and ready-to-ignore. MythWeb is running again (and provides a slightly better UI than mythfrontend for scheduling shows, though I miss the 2-clicks-to-schedule ease-of-use from ATI's Windows software).

I've got Samba set up so that Rosey's machine can access the audio, image and video collections. Rosey's machine has codecs and handlers so that it can read the MPEG4 .nvu files, and it displays them with much better quality (modulo the still-somewhat-off colour balance) than the .mpg files that ATI's software was producing.

MythDVD isn't yet able to run DVDs. I also haven't got the printer on Rosey's machine configured to work with software on my machine, nor have I got OpenOffice.org 1.9x installed yet. Have to do that ASAP so I can work on my presentation for PyCon this weekend.

Digikam handles downloading from the Canon camera beautifully, btw. That was just a matter of clicking "auto-detect" and off to the races.

It's beautiful out, however, so I think I'll take the excuse and go grocery shopping so there's some food in the place (apparently Rosey can't handle the cloves in the last batch of Mole, and there's not much else in the place that's edible).


  1. x

    x on 02/28/2005 2:27 p.m. #

    You'll find this hilarious. I use gphoto2 from the command line for xfering pictures from camera. You'll find this hilarious. I use gphoto2 from the command line for xfering pictures from camera.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 02/28/2005 11:08 p.m. #

    Hilarious; deeply, troublingly sad; something like that...

  3. x

    x on 02/28/2005 11:54 p.m. #

    That is very odd above, the way my text is duplicated. And the rest of my message is missing. (-; <br />
    <br />
    I had gone on to explain my disenchantment with digikam. I mentioned kimbada. I extolled briefly (and not very strongly) my favorite kde image viewer: showimg. Gave the nod to Gwenview for a very fast interface for editing jpeg comments (which along with basic directory structure fulfills all my low-labour graphic organisational needs). <br />
    <br />
    Or something like that.

  4. Chris

    Chris on 04/22/2005 7:56 p.m. #

    Do you have the ATI TV Wonder Pro using C88xx kernel module working in MythTV?<br />
    <br />
    I wasn't able to get mine to work in MythTV. It wouldn't show live television and I'd really like it to be able to do so. If you have it working, please drop me an email with all the versions you are running. Gentoo eh. ;)

  5. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 04/23/2005 8:35 a.m. #

    Have sent you an email with this information, but for others, here's the post that describes what was necessary:<br />
    <br />

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