What's our porting status? (Just curiousity...)

I'm wondering, is anyone actively working on porting the Sugar/Fedora7 environment to the various other inexpensive machines? What about to thin-client Linux solutions? Probably it would work loosely on anything Debian based via the work that people have been doing on Ubuntu porting for sugar-jhbuild.

I realise that the 1CC folks are all busy with deployment issues, so it's not going to be them. Still, it would seem that we should have someone working on getting the various programs for inexpensive laptops onto the same basic platform.

We're dedicating huge amounts of effort to collecting/creating educationally-focused software and content, and to maximize that benefit we want to let as many children get to it as possible.

Sure a Classmate might not have the uber-cool backlight-independent screen or be able to mesh network in the background while suspended, but it would be good if they could collaborate with the children using an XO, even if they can't mesh, an ad-hoc connection to an XO that's meshed and sharing its connection might be enough. Similarly, some of the thin-client "computer lab" systems would be usable using Sugar (and the activities and content to which it will provide access).

We'd need the multi-user support to work to make the thin-client installs possible. That would need some developer to sit down and hack on Sugar for a bit. If you were to use FC7 as the base you'd need a custom kernel for your machine too (the OLPC kernel is stripped down for size reasons), or use a standard one and waste a lot of space. Probably want a lot of the OLPC power-management patches? Or maybe those are all upstream by now?

Nice side effect of porting out might be to get the various packages stabilised so that developers can more easily get a native Sugar environment on a non-Fedora regular Linux machine.

Anyway, I have to get back to work.


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