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That sickening, sinking feeling... (If you don't run all of your tests every day (at least), this is what happens)

Spent the whole afternoon and evening working on OpenGLContext. Mostly doing some long-pending refactoring and reorganisation. I moved the "scripts" into their own directory, made the mainloops classmethods of the various context types, and then started in to unify the API for specifying context parameters on startup (via a definition object).

Now, as I got ...

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Oh, about MythTV (What I like, despite the obvious UI problems)

I've been noticing something about MythTV's overall design that is markedly better than the ATI Windows product; namely the split into client and server. On Windows, when the machine started recording a show, a window popped up over my work, a task showed up in the task bar, and I was distracted. The machine was ...

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Guess I should really just go to sleep (Don't seem to be producing any deep insights for PyCon this evening...)

Getting a little too sharp in writing the PyCon paper (egads, it's something like 3.5 weeks away now, we should get a hotel some day soon). It's too easy to start pointing out the little flaws and problems in the conceptualisation of the two protocols (data and non-data descriptors). I don't want the paper to ...

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The day seems to have evaporated (Without much to show for it...)

Basically the whole day was spent tweaking the Linux install. Also did some reading up on backup mechanisms (I'm considering using Bacula). At the moment I'm working on the OOo install. I guess no-one has created a .emerge because the process is so simple:
emerge rpm
<download the binary distribution>
tar -xvf OOo_1.9.m79_native_LinuxIntel_install.tar
rm ...

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