That sickening, sinking feeling... (If you don't run all of your tests every day (at least), this is what happens)

Spent the whole afternoon and evening working on OpenGLContext. Mostly doing some long-pending refactoring and reorganisation. I moved the "scripts" into their own directory, made the mainloops classmethods of the various context types, and then started in to unify the API for specifying context parameters on startup (via a definition object).

Now, as I got finished that, I started running tests. Everything went fine for the first 20 or 30 tests, and then I got to tests that have an interactive component (press "a" to switch something). What the heck, all of a sudden the rendering is messing up. It looks as though the rendering is being done semi-randomly on the front instead of the back buffer, so the image jitters as it draw the front and then returns to the previous image.

Okay, well, such things happen all the time. You go to what you were just changing and figure out how it caused this problem... except it didn't. Even backing out the changes to a CVS copy doesn't solve the problem.

And that's where the sinking feeling comes. It's the "just how long is it since I last ran this test... oh, yeah, probably 3 or 4 days... how much work have I done since then... oh... heck... that's a lot... what a mess to try to find the problem in all those changes" feeling.

I'm just way too annoyed to keep working on it right now. Think I'll just go to bed and worry about it next weekend.


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