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About viewing Japanese glyphs in Firefox (First you need a font...)

Got a call a few minutes ago from Lua, who had just called a few hours ago inviting me to a party. She wanted to print some things out for the guest of honour (who is Japanese), but she was just getting question marks for the Japanese text.

I don't know if there's a built-in ...

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Oh, the day... (Telescoping work)

Spent the whole working day on documentation, but wound up starting really late due to spending hours on various system administration stuff. Hands are chutneyed, though not as bad as lately, have been consciously trying to reduce the force with which I type. Don't know if it's helping or if I'm just less tense than ...

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Shane is entirely too generous (And Lara's pretty darn giving too...)

I've said it before, I'll likely say it again, Shane is one of the most generous people I know. He practically showered me with gifts this evening, rather nice dessert plates, chocolate in 4 different forms (and large quantities), and coffee.

Lara found this really elegant card with a Mary Lou Retton quote on it ...

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Linux really doesn't like running out of space (And this new CoreBlog (back-end) interface seems strange...)

Need to clean up the root partition on my workstation. I'm going to try using kdirstat, as I believe that's the one Tim recommended a while ago. Tim also upgraded CoreBlog while I wasn't looking. Everything still seems to work, but the entry-editing pages seem to have regressed somewhat, losing their Zope-ish page layouts somehow? ...

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Try again on the KDE build (This time with flag to rebuild for new USE flags)

The new KDE build has been failing on my machine, with what looks like unresolved symbols for an underlying library. Will let that run tonight.

Spent the bulk of the day on documentation, though Tim dropped in to work on debugging a Twisted problem (turns out PyOpenSSL wasn't installed on the new box) for a ...

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Egads that PyOpenGL folder is getting scary (6 dozen todo items before I start working on code...)

Just realising that there's a heck of a lot of material piling up in the PyOpenGL folder, mostly support requests or bug reports that will each take an hour or two to answer... guess I need to dedicate a weekend to PyOpenGL & friends some time soon.

Customary belly-button gazing (As age creeps away with my youth...)

Something XXX mentioned yesterday, in the context of marrying young (i.e. around 15): "why should men be denied sex at their sexual peak?" which, of course, got me thinking about age and wasted youth. Worse, it got me thinking about mortality and all the ways we try to ensure that we live on beyond this ...

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Wow, that took far longer than it should have (Need to get ZPhotoSlides set up somewhere...)

Just got the PyCon photos dumped into a viewable format... it's not pretty, as many of the photos are rotated ninety degrees, but it should all be viewable. Warning: there are a lot of them, that page will be very slow on a dial-up connection! They are also still uploading, it'll probably be 2AM before ...

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Ooh, look, pictures! (Well, just the ones from yesterday so far...)

In what has become a tradition, posting more shots of beautiful women to boost our ratings...

Didn't really get any spectacular shots, but this little fragment of the series turned out almost reasonably. There were some really nice shots ruined by blurring :( . Need to figure out a decent low-light shooting strategy for action. ...

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