Very long first day back at work (Tomorrow likely a write-off...)

Did more work on the last "major feature" for Cinemon on the 1.0 list. Of course, compared to some things on the "minor feature" list, this one has been fairly straightforward (once I remembered to KISS). Along the way I fixed a few bugs, had a few laughs (oh, wait, no, no I didn't), drank a few beers (oops, no on that too), and loved a few women (dang it, I am so going about this the wrong way)... at least I fixed a few bugs.

Have a management meeting tomorrow, likely with a technical meeting to top it off. After that I must do naught by Pycon presentation and paper work. To spur myself along I posted a quote from the paper to python-list today... then read it when it came in and realised that it's pretty rough. Oh well.


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