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Presentation is in good shape (Most of today's notes integrated, flow working fairly well, length could use some work...)

Spent the bulk of the day (when not on the phone with Natasha or attending a relative's dedication ceremony) working on the presentation. I'm pretty much satisfied with the current state, not because it's perfect but because I could stand up with it today and do a decent presentation, everything from here on out is ...

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Phonecalls can lead to blogging (New blog for an old and dear friend...)

Called Natasha this evening to wish her a happy 12th anniversary of our meeting. Spent much of the time discussing LavaLife and similar dating sites. Also discussed her attempts to blog on the free sites (I think it was MovableType in particular (they are trying to up-sell you on a paid account by limiting your ...

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I love it when there's a problem with a booking (Really, it's such a joy...)

Called the hotel this evening "just in case", to be sure that they knew about the reservation. They couldn't find me in their database. They couldn't even process the confirmation number had given me.

Interestingly, doesn't seem to have any phone customer support people, so I have to go through their web-form interface. ...

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Presentation draft 1 finished (Seems fairly reasonable...)

Final screen count on the first draft is 45 slides, which is a bit long if I take as long as normal, but I'm going for a much faster style (maybe 1/2 or 1/3 the information on any given slide compared to normal). The slides are not particularly heavy on the "how to use them" ...

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