Phonecalls can lead to blogging (New blog for an old and dear friend...)

Called Natasha this evening to wish her a happy 12th anniversary of our meeting. Spent much of the time discussing LavaLife and similar dating sites. Also discussed her attempts to blog on the free sites (I think it was MovableType in particular (they are trying to up-sell you on a paid account by limiting your customisation options)). I suggested creating a CoreBlog for her under my web presence.

Creating the CoreBlog instance was trivial. Figuring out how to make it show up as (that was her choice of URL, by the way) took a bit of doing, mostly because I don't normally use the "admin" interface. Still waiting for the DNS record to propagate, but when it does she should show up there.

Natasha says she'll be customising the layout and colours quite a bit (as suits her rather more colourful personality), so expect it to take a few days for her to move in fully and start wowing the crowds with word puzzles, literature quotes, knitting patterns and poems. (I'm just guessing, really, she didn't tell me what she wants to write about).


  1. Natasha

    Natasha on 03/21/2005 11:45 a.m. #

    <br />
    Aww, I'm old and dear, you are too. It was Live Journal, not Movable Type, just for the record.<br />
    <br />
    That's a pretty good list of what I'm going to write about. Okay, off to find a suitable shade of pink to start the decorating process. :)

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 03/21/2005 7:41 p.m. #

    Mmmm pink... though it still looks kinda grey to my uncultured eye.

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