Need a better book-keeping solution (Tracking down receipts for Ken tomorrow...)

Today was all work on Cinemon 2.0 features. Took a break mid-day to run out and buy groceries, since we've not had any since I got home from PyCon... I bought a passel or two, to restock the depleted "emergency food" supplies (frozen chicken nuggets, frozen veggies, rice, beans) but when I got home Rosey had gone shopping too. We're a bit overstocked at the moment.

Just spent 10 minutes hunting around for the PyCon receipts for Ken. I don't seem to have about half of them, and I never got a receipt for the conference registration or the hotel, so going to have to put in my credit-card bills for those months.

Not much else to report, worked a solid 7.25 hours of "high-test" time, plus regular email and news and suchalike, that pretty much exhausts the day. Anyway, going to watch The Daily Show (recording is still off by an hour, so don't get to see it if I don't watch it live), and then off to bed.


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