Seem to have lost my descriptors notes in the move to Linux (Oh well, not that hard to find projects using them...)

Continuing work on the PyCon presentation. Charged through the entire next section either writing rough text or making point-form notes. This is the section describing the post 2.2 descriptor-base projects and the ways that meta-programmers have been (ab)using them to create interesting effects.

Among those are two of my own projects. The first is the BasicProperty/PyTable/wxoo/(+ proprietary-stuff), and the second is the VRML97 scenegraph engine's Field classes. I'm also planning to discuss Traits from Chaco, and maybe one of the C-extension-wrapping library mechanisms (IIRC some Apple bindings are using one). IIRC there's also a few in PEAK and likely a few in Zope.

The next section is the one that deals with the "wrapping" descriptors, and leads into the section on the rise of the Decorator. Need to get that finished... maybe work on that between the meetings tomorrow.

For now, must give my hands a rest and then maybe give my head a rest.


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