Not a day to be inside (Yet here I sit...)

I have an incredibly strong urge to take a walk, go for some coffee, take some photographs, or otherwise get out of this room. It is gorgeous out and I'm sitting here not getting any work done on OpenGLContext because I keep hoping the phone will ring and there will be some (social) reason to go out.

I know, I know, should just make up an excuse and be done with it... I just can't do that without feeling I'm messing up my priorities in life... if it's just wandering around alone my stupid work ethic won't let me avoid work that's been pending for months to do it. My social yearnings, luckily, are stronger than the work ethic, but they do tend to require that there be someone else involved in any pleasurable endeavour.

I'm strongly considering working on the Zonez project, it needs far less involved work at the moment (just coding up some HTML forms). I could bank the time for Monday... but honestly, I want to go have at least a shadow of a life.

Maybe I'll deliver Tim's tax forms... at least that will get me out of the apartment.


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