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ZZZ in the springtime (Plans solidify when you give out credit-card numbers...)

Finally made all the arrangements for my little excursion to ZZZ. Going to be taking along D'Arcy's laptop and doing ~3 or 4 days work during the 6 day trip. Apparently XXX does have internet access, so I should be able to use that. The motel, however, has nothing :( . Guess I'll spend most ...

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Ah, Windows, I miss thee not at all... (Sandra's computer decides to corrupt itself...)

I think I may have completed my transition to Linux geek.

Our downstairs neigbours (Sandra, Hernandez, David and Abraham) have a Win2K box running on some cheap hardware someone sold them (for a bit too much). I built the Win2K install for them, as the store had neglected to actually install or configure any of ...

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Party passed pleasingly (The popularity of the last-girl-sitting...)

Simon's party last night was lively (as normal for his parties), lots of friendly, interesting people. Probably more computer people than previously, which changes the dynamic... more of a wheeling-and-dealing feel than the heavily arts and philosophy oriented crowd.

Got into a weird debate with Leslie. My feeling is that ethics must be the source ...

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