ZZZ in the springtime (Plans solidify when you give out credit-card numbers...)

Finally made all the arrangements for my little excursion to ZZZ. Going to be taking along D'Arcy's laptop and doing ~3 or 4 days work during the 6 day trip. Apparently XXX does have internet access, so I should be able to use that. The motel, however, has nothing :( . Guess I'll spend most of my time over at XXX's.

Going down the afternoon of the 20th and coming back morning of the 26th. Mostly just planning to work during the day, then hang around with XXX (and YYY, maybe) during the evenings. If the laptop battery actually works, I may take it out by the river and try working there (maybe the puppy will want to go with me :) ).

Anyway, tomorrow I'm finishing off the Zonez project, then getting back to Cinemon, first moving the enhancements from late last week to the live server, then getting back to work on 2.0 features.


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