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Unfamiliarity makes things look harder than they are... (Debugging Python extensions on Linux easier than Win32)

I sat down intending to do an hour or so of playing with ctypes for OpenGL... 5 hours ago. I can't really begrudge the time, though, because beyond finding a number of minor problems with ctypes on amd64, I learned something I've been avoiding for a while now; learning how to debug C extensions on ...

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Distracted from the quest for pretty pictures (Delivery mechanism issues sop up an entire night w/ naught to show)

So, having got OpenGLContext 2.0.0c1 out the door, I went casting about for what to do for a demo for it. First thing I struck on was making an xscreensaver plugin that would allow you to run an OpenGLContext world. Probably is that xscreensaver doesn't seem to have much developer documentation.

AFAICS, there's a couple ...

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