Distracted from the quest for pretty pictures (Delivery mechanism issues sop up an entire night w/ naught to show)

So, having got OpenGLContext 2.0.0c1 out the door, I went casting about for what to do for a demo for it. First thing I struck on was making an xscreensaver plugin that would allow you to run an OpenGLContext world. Probably is that xscreensaver doesn't seem to have much developer documentation.

AFAICS, there's a couple of utility libraries that handle the ugliness, but they are focussed on C code. It also looks as though it's just a matter of being able to write to the root window from any executable. Figuring out how to do that has eluded me so far (seems as though I'd have to write a raw Xlib program to do it). Possibly could just create a C stub that calls a python script with an extension object available...

Anyway, should have spent the rest of the evening on more creative pursuits. Now I must sleep so I can face my arch nemesis (grams) at pool tomorrow.


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