Home again, home again (Nappity nap...)

By the time I got home this morning I was pretty much exhausted, so I spent the day on computer maintenance and a nap. Going to have to work almost 1.5 days of time deficit off this week (on top of doing my taxes).

Firefox seems functional again (loads, can display menus and dialogues). Yay! There's a PyGTA meeting this evening, so I'll have to leave in 5 minutes or so. Probably not enough time to get anything meaningful accomplished for work. Was thinking of skipping the meeting to catch up, but D'Arcy needs his laptop back. Sigh.

Only got a tiny number of pictures for the entire trip. Most throw-aways, as normal. Got a single nice shot of YYY (XXX's daughter) as she and her friend flirted with boys online. A few passable shots of Fuzzy as he was stretched out on the couch next to me, and a few decent shots of the sunrise over the river. None of the train sequences worked very well, though a couple of shots of a backhoe in operation seem okay.

Thinking a lot on the train about relationships and the like. Maybe I think too much? It seems like a distinct possibility.


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