Gentoo fairy visits while I'm out (Bouncing baby KDE 3.4...)

I've had KDE 3.4 built for a long time now, but I hadn't rebooted to start it yet. Since I had the system update itself while I was at PyGTA I figured I'd try the new code (there was at least one KDE library rebuilt during the emerge world).

So far I'm liking it. I lost many of my desktop settings, but those only take a few minutes to restore (in fact, the new settings are far more eye-pleasing than the old ones). I'm not really all that excited about the fading-in-and-out pop-ups for the quick-launch bar. Oh well.

Oh, also found out how to get composed characters (accented characters, mostly). I don't want the standard compose key-combination (shift-ctrl), as I always wind up hitting it while editing, but I do want some way to create accents. I already have a .xmodmaprc file (though for some reason xorg doesn't automatically pick it up) to eliminate the default, just needed to add a line to it:
keycode 116 = Super_R Multi_key
keycode 109 = Control_R
keycode 78 = Multi_key

That last line makes the scroll-lock key map to the "compose" key, while the first two eliminates the Multi_key mapping from the shift-control sequence.


  1. John

    John on 01/07/2008 8:31 a.m. #

    try renaming .xmodmaprc to .Xmodmap<br />
    which works here.<br />
    <br />

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