Display MythTV recording status in system tray (Quicky script just in case someone wants it...)

Wrote a simple script that uses wxPython to create a system-tray icon which displays whether you are currently recording anything on the local MythTV back-end (playing live TV also counts as recording).

When the /dev/video* devices are in use, the icon shows red, when not, it shows black. Mouse-over shows the number of active recording sessions when active. Double-click closes the application.

Tested only with wxPython 2.6 and Python 2.3, use at your own risk.

You'll likely want to start it in your graphical desktop startup scripts with something like:
python recordingdevices.py &


  1. Simon Brunning

    Simon Brunning on 05/04/2005 6:04 a.m. #

    You can drop the wxPython requirement with this:<br />
    <br />

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 05/04/2005 5:31 p.m. #

    I don't *think* that would work on Linux. Maybe with WINE, but I'd be surprised if it's that good an emulation (and WINE doesn't actually run on Gentoo AMD64 AFAIK). I don't *think* that MythTV is available on Win32 either, but I'm not sure about that either.

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