Rework all of the tests? (Or try to make it work...)

So, it turns out that Twisted has some serious problems related to starting and stopping the reactor multiple times during a run, which is, of course, what we do all the time when doing test-driven development in the "normal" (twisted.trial-like) style.

Have just spent more than 2 hours trying to build something that would let us get around the problem, but I think I'm going to have to admit defeat and figure out the "proper" way (if there really is such a way) to make a Twisted test suite. Bob Ippolito has posted quite an extensive description, but somehow I'm missing how it avoids the starting/stopping. Must be a trial feature we're not using in our test suites.

Was really just intending to catch up on Twisted mailing-list email, but got distracted with the first question asking if I'd solved this problem yet...


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