I forgot how pretty Cinemon can be (Windows laptop and a data transfer switch makes it so obvious!)

So, after another extended day, went to the UU meeting to see Bryan and pick up the laptop. It's an IBM X31 ThinkPad with a busted screen, so I have to connect it to my monitor, making it entirely non-portable. Luckily, Steve Holden gave me a switch and cables for sharing a monitor at PyCon, so at least I'm not going to be swapping cables all day. Not a bad machine otherwise, nice and lightweight. Don't think much of the keyboard, but it's fine for light usage.

The first thing that struck me was the beauty of the initial graphic for the ACI instance. Even without specialised icons for the Terayon groupings, it was really quite beautiful, basically symetrical, but with just enough variation among the sizes and shadings to convince the eye that there's something more going on (which indeed there is).

Next thing that struck me is that I really need to get a Windows machine for testing. I go entirely too long between sessions where I see what the "normal" user is going to see.

Anyway, have to install the demo system on it tomorrow. Right now I'm going to watch The Daily Show as I get ready for bed. Maybe I'll take next Monday off (tomorrow installing on the laptop, Friday likely deliver laptop and meet with marketing folks).


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