Amazing what a difference having someone *like* the project makes (Trying to sleep for 5 hours now and just keep popping up to write down new ideas...)

From ways to implement new features to what looks like it will be a huge improvement on memory usage and query speed... I just can't seem to stop thinking... which in a way is bad, because I'm not on the clock here. Oh well :) .

Can't really explain the major new feature (the others are minor) as it would give away too much of the "secret sauce", it's loosely based on something one of the techies asked for, just heavily systematised and abstracted.

The other major change is, perhaps, going to have more impact for the demo (assuming I get some time to work on it before then). It's mostly just a decision; we don't need standard deviation for individual modem's values, and traces back from a modem for (only) 2 hours (all we can hold in memory) aren't going to be of any value (that 2 hour limit also makes the standard deviations basically useless too).

With those two realisations/decisions, it's possible to make the SNMP storage sub-system far more efficient both in terms of space and speed. It should, in fact, use almost-constant space (modulo the growth of the space occupied by long integers getting larger over time, which is pretty trivial).

The summary views (the most common views in the UI) should speed up by a significant margin as a result (going from 4 or 5 function calls (which are slow in Python) to a simple implemented-in-C attribute access). The constant-space operation will also mean that implementing database storage at arbitrary timing intervals becomes straightforward rather than a serious PITA.

Anyway, I need to get to sleep... despite the fact that I'm fired up to work all night on Cinemon... Bryan may drop in tomorrow to define the SIP project, so I need to have at least some un-cinemon-fried neurons... (Mmm cinnamon-fried neurons...)

On a more personal note... sigh. After months of slogging ahead despite being totally discouraged about Cinemon I'm finally back in the mood to work on the project and I'm going to have to leave it lying and work on other projects! Life does seem to have little interest in what I want sometimes...


  1. x

    x on 10/28/2004 12:54 p.m. #

    Hey, sorry for being of so little encouragement over the last ... what is it, ten years now? Sorry. But as you know... I suck! Ah well. Let me know if Bryan is coming over... i may pop up to see what you guys are up to. Otherwise i'll slog on my own here...

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