A better class of nightmare (Simple, direct, with inventions bonus...)

Apparently the movie last night really affected me. Night was peppered with dreams of fighting to be respected, fighting to survive, etceteras. Of the inventions I can remember, one was a monitor for store shelves that simply records when someone breaks the plane, the other is an old invention that was getting field-tested (well, used) in the dream.

The pneumatic tent is a fairly simple idea. You get two long pieces of bicycle tire tubing sealed into a "T" shape and use them as the poles for a small tent. The front of the tent would be a (semi) circle, the "ridge-pole" would start at the centre of the front and run down to the ground at the back. The idea is that bicyclers could readily pack this up and inflate it with tools they already have, without the need for bulky poles.

In the dreams, however, the people using it were homeless... it didn't work very well. Tents aren't great protection from other humans... you need a dog to make them practical. The dream also focussed a great deal on what material to use, mostly a long argument over the use of silk versus the planned plastic.

Anyway, late for my visit to grams, most be off.


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