I'm really rusty! (Web-site design doesn't go spectacularly well...)

I couldn't sleep this evening, so I did a bit of work setting up the Cinemon website. The design is quite crude at the moment. I'd intended to have the splash-screen background be 3 images, similar to the poster, but then I realised I'd have to muck about more to do that, so I just punted and included the one network-view image.

The site is done with Zope Page Templates, which is also what's used inside Cinemon itself (though the Cinemon ZPTs are given a far richer working environment than the regular Zope ones). The nice thing about using ZPTs is that with the metal macros, you can control the entire look-and-feel of the site through a single template, with components such as the navigation boxes included from broken-out files.

Anyway, there it is, and someday soon I'll get around to making it look good.


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