Hmm, another of those reality loops (UU goes very late and very caffeinated)

Wound up getting home from the UU meeting around 3AM, having drained a whole pot of coffee at the bar (I was the only one drinking it, so she just kept coming around to unload it). Worked until well past 5AM, unfortunately, one of the visiting parents [edited] decided it would be fun to sit knocking on my door for 5 minutes this morning, which broke what tortured sleep I'd found.

Today there are 2 errands to run, then I want to push through a few minor features (one of which I did the work on last night). Ken wants to meet for lunch at the Indian place over at Yonge and Eglinton. Should probably get some clothing laundered for the trip too. Hmm, thinking seems to be a bit choppy today.


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