Networking for fun and profit (Night of Asterisk and related conversations...)

At the Asterisk meeting this evening spent most of the time chatting with Mike Dancy and then Ron Kawchuk. Mike mentioned that there's a small cable company up North that might be interested in one of the projects. Apparently Mike was the provider of the RT31P2 ATA units we're working with.

Ron suggested a number of avenues for investigation, including a company out by the airport that does provisioning systems of some form. We also discussed the impending implosion on residential VoIP, speculation on how Skype, Google or the like could move to ubiquitous phone service providers. Primary issue from my point of view is that the namespace isn't free, or is partly free but fragmented (depending on how you want to look at it).

Shidan tells me they want to hire me for a small project. We're going to talk more about that soon.

Lastly, ran into a chap who apparently has a plan to run the entire Korean domain name service, unfortunately I've already forgotten his name (I have to get into the habit of getting business cards from everyone I meet). He mostly wanted a contact at Tucows for their reseller API, I pointed him at Joey, hopefully he can help him.

Expenses for the evening: $20.07 (dinner 15.87, transport 4.20) (+ 5.5 hours). (For those who haven't noticed, I've started a new topic to track the business-related stuff for those who are curious).


  1. x

    x on 06/03/2006 2:05 a.m. #

    Mike, in your liberation, are you turning into some sort of full blown exhibitionist here?! Oh, right, nothing really new then, okay. (-:

  2. Mike Dancy

    Mike Dancy on 07/13/2006 4:09 p.m. #

    hey!<br />
    that was you that I was talking to? I was thinking of you the other day and trying to remember your name. Your the guy with the caffiene issue.<br />
    I talked to a doctor, he thinks that is'a thyroid thing.<br />
    talk to you later!<br />

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