Rosey starts blogging... (While I spend my day on system administration and minor bug-fixing)

Rosey (my little sister) has started up a blog (no entries yet, however), mostly to track her progress learning French in Quebec this summer.

I spent the day getting a Cinemon server ready for a client. Mostly just getting the (old) server updated to newest code, testing for start-on-boot operation, eliminating all of the source code (replace with pyc files), that kind of thing. After that worked on some UI bugs here and there.

The visiting children are off to Hamilton for a few days, so it's actually quite peaceful here. There's no food, however, so I've been snacking on the chocolate Shane brought over the weekend... this is not a good thing :) .

Tomorrow and Thursday will be entirely occupied with meetings both internal and external. May try to get some more work done today to compensate for that.


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