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I Miss the Quiet Nights (Conversations with her in my arms...)

I cannot sleep (again)... though I suppose in the end I haven't really tried (how often when I can't sleep is it really that I don't want to sleep because I want to think about the thing that's keeping me awake?) Memories are haunting me again. Stupid memories.

I miss the quiet with her in ...

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Why no solstice party? (The crowd asks)

Had coffee with Shane, Brendan and Lara (who showed up even though she was somewhat sick) on Monday. Beautiful, deep conversation, (as normal), ranging all across history, philosophy, psychology, the arts and sciences. It's conversations like that which I live for. But the question came up "are you having a solstice party", and then "why ...

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Self-censoring (My broken editor...)

Alexei and I had this running gag back when he lived in Toronto. Basically it was that he had a broken censor, while mine was working overtime. Over the last few months, my little censor seems to have gone on a bit of a hiatus.

First I managed to really upset XXX, then I discovered ...

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Sociopathic behaviour escalates (Society does nothing but encourage it...)

Here's a thought: driving an SUV is the equivalent of being the guy who pisses in the well because it's convenient at the moment. You are someone so concerned about your own trivial comforts, and so unconcerned with the welfare of society, the environment and those around you, that you will endanger, and ultimately degrade ...

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PyGTA is next Tuesday (Come see the wonder that is Cinemon!)

Ian reminded me today that PyGTA is coming up next week. I'm going to load up the Cinemon demo and do a very brief walkthrough of it. Since we're now out of the "stealth" phase, we can really talk about it for the first time.

Today was mostly taken up with meetings. Didn't really have ...

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