Win32 Python Packages Need EXE Installers (Just too cumbersome otherwise...)

I've just finished pulling together and creating exe installers for all of Cinemon's open-source dependencies (save PostgreSQL). It's quite a list; 18 packages, with one single-module dependency and some internal packages as well. Went fairly well, save that some of the packages were bzip2 compressed (which WinZip doesn't handle).

I originally tried to do a full Python 2.4 install, but it turns out the Toolkit compiler recipe doesn't work if there is any use of ftoi( ) in the application, as there's a missing .obj file. Very annoying, as it means I can't compile ZopeX3 or mxBase for Python 2.4 (though I can compile just mxTextTools with the non-recursive rewrite for Python 2.4).

Once all the packages are assembled and converted to exe installers the installation process is just a few minutes (not counting postgresql).


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